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Wounded -- And Possibly Cranky -- Grizzly Bear Loose In Idaho

Photo by Bryan Harry via

Photo by Bryan Harry via

Idaho wildlife officials are worried a wounded grizzly bear on the loose could be a danger to people. A group of hunters shot the bear after it charged them in the eastern part of the state, across the border from Yellowstone National Park. Apparently, both the hunters and the bear were after the same elk.

Gregg Losinski of Idaho Fish and Game says the hunters would have been better off using pepper spray, as it’s been shown to be more effective against bears.

“Grizzly bears have an especially high tolerance for physical pain, as far as being shot. Whereas, bear spray really does work to turn a bear around because the one part of a bear that is extremely sensitive to pain is the nose. When it hits that bear’s nose, it is the equivalent of dynamite going off.”

Losinski says wounded bears can become desperate and erratic. He’s urging people in the area, Fremont County, to be cautious.

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