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World Cup Draws NW Fans

Soccer-watchers are gearing up to watch the U.S. Team compete in the Women’s World Cup Final. The game has special resonance for some fans in the Northwest.

The University of Portland is holding a watch party at a sports pub in Southeast Portland, to root for two U-P alums on the US team: Stephanie Cox and Megan Rapinoe.

Younger players all over the region are watching, too.

Kameron Kendig and Dakota Dickinson take a break between tournament games to talk about watching the US team go all the way to the Women's World Cup Final.

April Baer / OPB

Kameron Kendig came to Portland this weekend to play in the adidas Beaverton Cup. She lives in Renton, Washington. Kendig says she was going nuts during the US semi-final against Brazil, as Megan Rapinoe assisted on a couple of key goals, including an electrifying US score that tied the game.

“I started freaking out,” Kendig said, “And my brother was, like, sleeping, and I woke him up.”

She says she’s enjoyed watching the top-level speed and technique in the World Cup games.

Kendig’s mother Shannon played as a kid. She never thought women’s soccer would reach this level of exposure.

“The World Cup for the men’s was a big deal, but the women’s, I never thought it would get this big, and it’s great to see.”

The final begins just before noon today.

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