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Occupy Protesters Rent Office Space

The Occupy Portland movement is now running operations out of a small rented space at a church in the southeast part of town.

Volunteers with Occupy Portland make a new home in this room at St Francis of Assisi

April Baer / OPB

The 700 square foot space within St. Francis of Assisi is packed with things rescued from Occupy’s tent city. Books, white boards, desks and computers, banners and flyers advertising activity by different committees and groups. Occupy volunteer Alex Pio says a number of events are in the works the next few weeks.

“We have forty groups right now which are part of Occupy Portland. Between this room and the other breakout rooms it’s pretty full most evenings,” says Pio.

Actions are on the calendar for later this month to protest the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that changed the game for campaign finance.

An Occupy supporter is paying the rent on the space. Occupy has re-organized its finances. Its website now has a button for general donations and one that supports rent for the office.

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