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October Rains May Bring End To Long Fire Season

The National Weather Service in Pendleton says weekend rains might finally bring an end to this year’s fire season.

Forecasters say a series of fronts will bring much needed rain as well as cooler temperatures throughout the region. 

Meteorologist Robert Cramp says the largest of those fronts is expected to arrive late Sunday as it makes its way south from the Gulf of Alaska.

“It’ll sweep through British Columbia and Washington on Sunday then come down into Oregon Sunday night and Monday.  That would be our time period where we would get most of our rain.  In particular, the Cascades where a lot of the big fires happen to be.  That area is going to get a lot of rain with this front.”

Cramp says this year’s fire season has dragged on a bit longer than in previous years.  He says the season typically comes to a close between the second half of September and the first week of October.

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