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ODFW Unable To Determine Wolf's Cause Of Death

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says it’s unable to determine the cause of death of a grey wolf in Northeastern Oregon. ODFW fitted the wolf with a collar in late February.  

The yearling female wolf was collared on Feb. 25th


Wildlife managers found the body of the animal a few days later. 

Michelle Dennehy is a spokeswoman for ODFW. 

Michelle Dennehy: “We don’t know what happened. It’s not clear why the animal died.  What we do know is that sometimes in these situations, capture and collaring efforts, animals do die for a variety of reasons. We take every step we can to minimize that risk.” 

Dennehy says the wolf was a yearling female from the Imnaha pack.  

ODFW believes there are 14 other wolves in that pack.

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