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Officials Release New Details About I-84 Bus Crash

Law enforcement officials Monday released new details about the crash of a charter bus that killed 9 people east of Pendleton.

One of those speaking was Pendleton Fire Chief Gary Woodson.  He says he arrived on the scene soon after the bus crash.  The bus was carrying 49 people. It crashed through a guardrail and plummeted at least 200 feet down an embankment.

Woodson says because of the number of people involved and the position of the bus, it was a complicated rescue.

“I tried to have a plan A, a plan B and a plan C and we probably went further down the alphabet than that before the afternoon was over.”

In all, thirty-nine people were taken to hospitals - many with severe injuries.  Ages of the passengers range from 7 to 74. 

Police are not releasing the names of the deceased, but Oregon State Police spokesman Greg Hastings said none of those who died were juveniles.

“What I’ve seen is that they all appear to be of adult age both male and female.  In terms of  challenges, a lot of the property that could be used to identify people was left behind at the scene.”

Authorities have posted the names of some who were taken to hospitals. They include residents of Washington and British Columbia. One person is from Milwaukie, Oregon.

Hastings says the majority of those on the bus were of South Korean descent.  The driver, who was wearing a seatbelt and survived the crash, is from Vancouver, B.C.

The National Transportation Safety Board will participate in the investigation.



T&R - Treated and Released

Note: City of residence noted, if known. Will update list during week as information is confirmed. Some names withheld due to pending confirmation of identity and information.

CONFIRMED DECEASED - 9 (Names Withheld Pending State Medical Examiner Post-Exams, positive identification, and confirmation of next of kin notifications)



Pendleton, Oregon (St. Anthony Hospital: 541-276-5121)

* Haeng Kyu Hwang, age 54 (male -Vancouver, British Columbia) - BUS DRIVER

* Do Woo (Peter) Kim, age 16 (male)

* Hyoung Jin Yoo, age 23 (male) - T&R

* Young Hyun Yoon, age 14 (male) - T&R

* Seong Jun An, age 15 (male) - T&R

* Hyejin Kim, age 40 (female)

* Min Su Kim, age 15 (male - Korean passport) (T&R)

* Junichi Hanada, age 21 (male)

* Youn Bahn, age 66 (male)

* June Lee Seong, age 22 (female)

* Tae Woo Park, age 16 (male - Korean passport) (T&R)

* Soomin Kim, age 12 (female)

* Jimin Kim, age 7 (female)

* Yoon Kim, age 44 (male)

* Seongho Jo, age 18 (male - Korean passport)

* Eunsil Koh, age 47 (female - Cloverdale, British Columbia)

* Jong Hyun Chae, age 16 (male) T&R

* Byung Woo Yoo, age 25 (?) T&R

* 65-year old female (Name withheld pending confirmation family notified)

* Unidentified male, 20 - 25 years of age

La Grande, Oregon (Grand Ronde Hospital: 541-963-8421)

* Berlyn Sanderson, age 22 (female - Kelowna, British Columbia)( T&R)

* Rachel Sohn, age 53 (female)

* Yii Yeon Cho, age 73 (Sex to be determined)

* Jacmin Seo, age 23 (male - Korean passport)

Hermiston, Oregon (Good Shepherd Hospital: 541-677-3400)

* Kang SeoKwon, age 24 (T & R)

* Alysah Koh, age 21 (British Columbia) (T & R)

Seattle, Washington (Harborview Medical Center: 206-744-3300)

* 53-year old female (Name withheld pending confirmation family notified)

Portland, Oregon (Oregon Health & Science University: 503-494-8311)

* June Won Kim, age 46 (male - Vancouver, BC)

* Sungsup Kim, age 45, (male - Port Coquiitlam, BC)

* Michael Sohn, age 64, (male - Milwaukie, Oregon)

* 55-year old female (Name withheld pending confirmation)

Tri-Cities, Washington (Kadlec Medical Center: 509-946-4611)

* Yoonhee Choi, age 53 (female)

Walla Walla, Washington (St Mary Medical Center: 509-525-3320)

* Eun Sook Uhm, age 74, (female)

* Choon-Sook Yang, age 67 (female - Issaquah, Washington)

* Hee Eun Kim, age 46 (female - Burnaby, Canada)

Walla Walla, Washington (Walla Walla General Hospital: 509-525-0480)

* Victoria Huang, age 22 (female)

* Shelly Tu, age 23 (female)

Portland, Oregon (Legacy Emanuel Medical Center: 503-413-2200)

* Man Sun Kim, age 71 (male - Seattle, Washington)

Boise, Idaho (St. Alphonsus Medical Center: 208-367-2121)

* John Choi, age 56 (male)

No other information available for release at this time.

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