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OHSU Contacts More Than 4,000 Patients Over Stolen Information

Oregon Health & Science University is contacting more than 4,000 patients after a laptop containing their personal information was stolen.

OHSU is stopping most new hires. 
Over the last few years, it's hired an average of about 500 people a year.

OHSU is stopping most new hires. Over the last few years, it’s hired an average of about 500 people a year.

Courtesy Veteran’s Affairs

It was taken during a burglary at a surgeon’s vacation rental home in Hawaii. Ron Marcum, the chief privacy officer for OHSU, said the computer contained 60 days of operating room schedules.

“The operating room schedule included medical record number, first and last name of the patient, and the name of the surgical procedure,” Marcum said. “Other than that, there wasn’t any other detailed health information about the patients.”

A small number of emails stored on the laptop did contain the Social Security numbers of 17 patients. The school says those people are being offered free identity theft monitoring. The laptop was password-protected, but its contents were not encrypted.

In an effort to prevent identity theft, OHSU has enacted stronger encryption requirements.

The university says it was unable to contact patients earlier about the theft, because significant effort was required to determine what was on the computer.

Affected patients should receive letters within a week.

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