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OHSU Gets $1 Million To Find New Ways To Educate Doctors

The American Medical Association is giving Oregon Health and Science University $1 million to come up with new ways to educate doctors.

Courtesy of Oregon Health and Science University

George Mejicano of OHSU says the money will help pay for several changes.  First, some students learn more quickly than others, so why have every doctor graduate in four years?

The money could also help train doctors to become more collaborative with nurses, anesthesiologists, even patients, when determining care. OHSU is one of 11 schools to receive the money.  

“Each school has its own plans with regards to what it’s going to do for teaching medical students, but we’re also going to collaborate, so we’re going to share best practices, Mejicano says. “For example if OHSU comes up with a great idea, we don’t want to sit on it for five years, we want to tell everyone else about it.”

So, for example, if a study shows innovative new ways to use technology to educate medical students, OHSU would share that practice.