View of the waterfront in Astoria, Ore. 

View of the waterfront in Astoria, Ore. 


The oil spill from a fuel storage tank near the Cannery Pier Hotel has cost about $700,000 so far to clean up, the Coast Guard reported.

Capt. Bill Timmons, the commander of Sector Columbia River, and others from the Coast Guard briefed the Port of Astoria Commission and regional officials Tuesday about the cleanup efforts and how they are being financed.

After reports of an oil sheen in the Columbia River late last month, the Coast Guard investigated and found that part of a dilapidated pier west of the hotel had fallen on a fuel tank containing thick oil used to fire the boilers in a cannery.

Cannery Pier management has said the hotel did not know about the tank. The hotel is built on the former site of the Union Fishermen’s Cooperative Packing Co. The tank had been in the ground there since at least 1921, said Capt. Dave Berliner, deputy commander of Sector Columbia River.

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