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OPB Poll: 58 Percent Support Changing Constitution To Allow Same-Sex Marriage

If a measure to change Oregon’s constitutional definition of marriage reaches the ballot this November it’s likely to pass, according to a new OPB poll.

It’s only May, so things could change, but the poll found 58 percent of responders support changing the constitution to allow same-sex marriage.

John Horvick of DHM Research says 44 percent support the idea strongly.

“And that’s up seven percentage points just in the last year,” said Horvick. “So they have momentum and they have strength in opinions. Republicans are the only demographic group we found that did not support it so the support is broad as well.”

32 percent of Republicans polled would support an amendment. That goes along with 76 percent of Democrats  and 61 percent of Independents.

Other demographics supporting such an amendment include all age groups, areas of the state and genders.

The poll sampled 400 registered voters in Oregon and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent.

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