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Open Space And Development Will Share West Hayden Island

The Port of Portland’s long-held goal to develop on the western side of a Columbia River island came a step closer to fruition Tuesday.

West Hayden Island from Kelly Point Park

West Hayden Island from Kelly Point Park

Michael Clapp/OPB

Members of the city’s Planning and Sustainability Commission recommended seven-to-three to annex West Hayden Island into Portland. But commissioners unanimously backed a related set of recommendations aimed at health and environmental protections.

The latest proposal splits the area into 300 acres for port development, and 500 acres for open space.

Gary Oxman is the top public health official for the Portland region. He voted to support annexation, but said development plans need to be improved.

“I think there’s a lot more work to be done,” Oxman said.

Late last year, commissioners postponed voting on West Hayden Island, so they could further study the plans.

But there’s more uncertainty on one front: with the demise of the Columbia River Crossing highway project, priority transportation improvements for the island are up in the air.

Those may be clearer when annexation heads to city council, later this year.

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