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Ore. Congressman Gets Republican Leadership Post

Rep. Greg Walden

Rep. Greg Walden

David Blanchard

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have tapped Oregon Congressman Greg Walden for a top leadership post. As chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Walden becomes the fifth-highest ranking member of the House Republican leadership team.

Walden said he plans to use his new role to give Oregonians a voice in the national debate.

“I’m not only interacting not only with the top leaders, the speaker, the majority leader and others, but also have won the confidence of my colleagues in the conference,” he said. “Now, that doesn’t mean you can wave a magic wand and get everything you want, but it does give you that extra umph. I’d rather be on the court than on the bench.”

Walden will be out front as his party works to maintain and expand its majority in the House. The National Republican Congressional Committee does that by helping Republican candidates through financial contributions as well as technical and research assistance.

In addition to his new role, Walden will also maintain his chairmanship of the House subcommittee that oversees communications and technology policy.

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