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Oregon Adds 27,000 New Voters To The Rolls

A two-day frenzy of online voter registrations added about 27,000 Oregonians to the official voter rolls.

Officials say about 8500 people registered on Monday and nearly 20,000 on Tuesday to push the total number of registered voters in Oregon to about 2.2 million.

That doesn’t count the people who mailed in registrations at the last minute.

Andrea Cantu-Schomus directs communications for the Secretary of State.

“County elections officials are still receiving these paper registrations and continuing to process these registrations. So for us to register all these numbers, it will take a little bit of time.”

State elections’ officials say they can’t break down how the newly-registered voters affiliate by party. But over the past year, Oregon added 103,000 voters, and most of the registration gains show up as non-affiliated or with minor parties.

It’s too late to register to vote for the November election, but the Secretary of State’s office says it’s still possible to change your address.

Ballots should start arriving in mailboxes on Saturday.

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