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Oregon AG Sues Over LNG

Oregon justice officials are appealing a recent federal approval of a liquefied natural gas terminal. Rob Manning reports.

The Attorney General’s appeal doesn’t get to the heart of whether LNG is appropriate for the Bradwood Landing site in Clatsop County. Instead, the case headed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals questions the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s process.

Tony Green is a spokesman for Oregon’s Department of Justice.

Tony Green: “Both the governor’s office and the Attorney General believe that FERC has gone about this approval process incorrectly. That they should not have approved the project before it got a variety of state approvals.”

State officials want the Ninth Circuit to force FERC to take another look at its Bradwood Landing decision from earlier this month - possibly after President Obama has named a new chair.

FERC contends its decision does not limit Oregon’s ability to decide necessary permits.