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Oregon To Conduct First Ever Partial Hand Recount

Results from Tuesday’s election are still trickling in from around Oregon.  Once county elections officials finish counting the ballots, they’ll have a new task on their hands:  a hand recount of some of the state’s most important races.

Salem correspondent Chris Lehman explains.

Each county in the state will have to partially verify by hand the results of three races.  Who counts what is determined by randomly pulling a number out of a metal drum at the Secretary of State’s office.

Official reading number:  “The measure in Clackamas County is Measure 61.”

This is the first year counties will have to do a hand recount. It’s the result of a law passed by the 2007 Legislature.  State Elections director John Lindback says it’s in addition to the double-checking that already takes place with ballot counting machines.

John Lindback:  “This test is an extra test to provide further assurance to the public that the machines were working correctly on Election Day.”

County clerks won’t have to worry about the hand count until after they’ve certified the results the regular way.  In some counties officials will have to go though tens of thousands of ballots by hand.

Results of the hand count will be publicly available when completed.

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