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Oregon In Middle Of The Pack In States' Embrace Of Affordable Care Act

Oregon’s health care enrollment website has been lambasted for not functioning fully. But new numbers from the feds show Oregon has done better than some other states when it comes to enrollment.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released numbers for all states for the first three months of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act.

By late December, Oregon had enrolled about 18,000 people via the website, with the help of state navigators. That’s more than 23 other states for the same time period. Some states are enrolling people through the federal government’s website.

The acting director of Cover Oregon, Bruce Goldberg acknowledges there are still problems with Oregon’s site, “Some of technology is working but some isn’t. We’re not as smooth as we’d like to be. This I think shows that we’re still getting people enrolled.”

It’s still not clear that the website will be fully functional by the time the enrollment window closes, March 31t.

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