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Oregon Schools Fall Short Of Minority Teacher Goals

Oregon is not meeting some key goals to diversify the ranks of public school teachers and administrators.

One in three Oregon students is a minority. One in 12 teachers is.

Oregon schools were supposed to increase minority representation in the teaching ranks by ten percent. Instead, the proportion has barely changed since 2012.

One way to meet the goal is to graduate more minority candidates from teaching colleges.

Donald Easton-Brooks chairs the state’s Education Equity Advisory Group. He says teaching colleges are meeting their goal.

“However, ethnic minority teachers are leaving the field, at a much higher rate, than white teachers,” Easton-Brooks says. “We’re bringing more teachers in — but we’re not keeping them.”

Easton-Brooks says the key is hiring more minorities as administrators, who can better support a diverse teaching force.

The new report finds Oregon schools added 18 minority administrators,  just short of the goal.