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Oregon Gets An 'A' For Disclosing Political Funds

Oregon’s political finance database earned an A-grade on a new review of state disclosure laws from the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

The Institute’s Denise Roth Barber says Oregon and Washington were among 15 states that received an A-grade.

“I think especially in a state like Oregon where there are no limits on what can be spent, it’s very important to know what can be spent, and by whom.”

Although, Barber points out that many states, including Oregon, underfund enforcement of campaign finance laws. And she says some outside donors still get around disclosure laws by manipulating the rules for non-profit groups.

Since the Supreme Court interpreted campaign finance laws with the Citizens United decision, Barber says few states have made changes to their disclosure systems.

She says Rhode Island and North Dakota are two exceptions. 

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