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Oregon Governor Calls For Kicker Reform

On the heels of voter approval of two tax hikes, Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski is calling on lawmakers to overhaul the state’s kicker law.

The Democratic governor made the comments Wednesday after Oregon voters signed off on a pair of budget-balancing tax increases.

The new measure apply to high-income earners and corporations. Kulongoski says the outcome indicates voters are willing to also approve a constitutional amendment to set aside some kicker refunds for a reserve.

Ted Kulongoski: "If we do not tackle this issue, we will never end the cycle of fiscal instability, crisis budgeting and the next inevitable tax increase proposal."

Kulongoski says he’s leaving the details of the plan to the legislature. But he says in principal, Oregon's kicker law would still include some refunds to taxpayers and the reserve fund could be tapped “only in emergencies.”

Lawmakers in Salem gather next week for a special session.

Oregon's kicker law requires the state to refund money to taxpayers when revenues exceed projections by two per cent.


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