Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Saturday that she hopes to reconvene the Legislature no later than early August for another special session to discuss the state’s budget amid the pandemic.  

State legislators met for a three-day special session earlier this week, passing bills regarding police reform, relief for Oregonians impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as other measures.  

Brown said she expects to convene another special session later this summer to discuss balancing the state’s two-year budget, which is expected to take in nearly $2.7 billion less than forecast due to the pandemic.  

First, she said, she wants to wait on Congress for any additional aid that could help Oregon.  

“I think we’ll have a very clear sense [in mid-July] whether there is going to be additional funding for the state, the local jurisdictions and the tribes,” Brown said Saturday at a press conference. “If we don’t see action by the end of July, then I will be expecting to call the Legislature in very quickly to look at budget reductions and plan for the next biennium.”  

She added: “It’s my hope and plea that our congressional delegation will continue to play a leadership role and get resources to Oregon as quickly as possible and as much as possible.”  

Brown did not have an estimate of how much money could come to Oregon from a federal aid package.