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Grammy Nominees From Oregon Await Award Announcements

Monday’s Grammy Awards hopefuls include a few Oregon names.

The Oregon Symphony is a contender for Best Orchestral Performance for its album, “Spirit of the American Range,” with an additional nomination for the record’s producer, Blanton Alspaugh.

Songwriter Lori Henriques was nominated for Best Children’s Album for her jazzy song collection, “How Great Can This Day Be”.

And remix master Andre Anjos, who records as R.A.C. will find out Saturday if his version of Odesza’s “Say My Name” will get the nod for Best Remixed Recording, non-classical. While he’s known for recording fresh instrumentation, Anjos says he has to listen to loops of songs to kick-start his creative process.

“The verse is the first thing I started working on. I just looped that over and over and drive my wife insane,” said Anjos. “Something happens when (I) listen over and over, lose sense of original song, especially if I jump on piano or guitar or other instruments and start messing around and seeing what chords fit, what doesn’t.”

By adding alternate musical voicings, Anjos creates tracks that are as much reinterpretation as remix.

Other nominees include the Decemberists, whose latest release, “What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World” is up for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package.

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