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Oregon Guard Braces For Sequestration Cuts

The onset of federal sequestration means lighter paychecks for Oregon Guard members, and other measures.

Approximately 1,000 air and army technicians will be subject to furloughs starting within 30 days. Captain Steven Bomar explains it’s the equivalent of a twenty percent 20% pay cut.

But the consequences run even deeper for the Guard’s F-15 fighter jet units.

Two F-15s from Kingsley Field, flying over Klamath Falls.

Two F-15s from Kingsley Field, flying over Klamath Falls.

Oregon Military Department

“An interesting piece of this is down at Kingsley Field, the air traffic controllers are Air National Guard,” Bomar says.

“They will have to do those furlough days. We are the only F-15 fighter training facility in the nation. Within 30 days that will affect national level training, cause we’ll have to scale back training as well as operations down there.”

While the F-15 Eagle fleet is part of an older generation of planes, but the Army still relies heavily on it because of the F-15’s design and maneuverability.

The furloughs will be in effect through September unless the federal sequestration is changed.

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