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Oregon Kills 4th Wolf From Harl Butte Pack

Oregon wildlife officials killed a fourth member of the Harl Butte wolf pack Aug. 25, a day after authorizing the killing of two wolves from the Meacham pack following a series of attacks on cattle this month.

Both wolf packs are in northeastern Oregon.

That makes four wolves from the Harl Butte pack, in Wallowa County, that have been killed. The most recent was a nonbreeding adult female. Another wolf, also a nonbreeding female, was killed Aug. 17, according to ODFW. The pack is now believed to include six adult wolves and at least three pups, the department said.

The Meacham Pack, in Umatilla County, is responsible for four confirmed attacks on calves in August. The cattle all belonged to the same producer and all were on private grazing ground.

Read more at the Capital Press.

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