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Oregon Health Officials Expect Vibrant Online Marketplace For Insurance

It looks like Oregon will have a vibrant online marketplace when the new health insurance exchange starts this fall.

Health insurance website.

Health insurance website.

A key part of the federal health care law is the creation by each state of an online marketplace — where individuals who don’t get insurance through work and small businesses, can shop for health coverage. 

Many states don’t want an exchange, and are leaving the feds to set them up. But Oregon is embracing the idea. 

Twelve carriers have now filed plans to sell insurance on Oregon’s exchange. Lisa Morawski of “Cover Oregon” says that’s good news for consumers.

She explained, “We’re going to have a really great mix of companies and plans for individuals and small employers to choose from. So we think it’s going to be a really competitive marketplace when we open this fall.”

The cost of the plans can be found at

The Oregon Insurance Division will now review those costs — to make sure they’re justified for the benefits offered. 

Consumers can start shopping on the exchange in October. But coverage doesn’t start until January 1 next year.

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