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Oregon Health Policy Board Releases Preliminary Insurance Data

Details on how the Affordable Care Act is changing Oregon’s health insurance market place, are beginning to emerge.

New figures from the Oregon Health Policy Board show fewer people are self-insuring. Many appear to have signed-up for state-regulated individual insurance instead.

About 330,000 people have been added onto the Oregon Health Plan.

But it’s only the second time these quarterly policy board numbers have been released.

Gretchen Morley is the director of health analytics at the Oregon Health Authority.  She says it’s too soon to pin-down any trends, but that’s the hope.

“This kind of quarterly report will provide a source to get a sense of what we think is going on with insurance coverage in Oregon,” she said. 

Last year Oregon had 550,000 uninsured people. One of the big questions is whether the Affordable Care Act has reduced that number and if so, how much.