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Oregon Healthcare 'Lottery' Draws Names

Oregon's so-called healthcare "lottery" is drawing names Friday. Those that make the cut will be able to apply for the Oregon Health Plan. OPB's Sam Sanders reports.

Oregon offers its version of Medicaid, called the Oregon Health Plan, to adults who can't afford health care. But more people qualify for the program then there are spots.

The lottery started in 2008. In this round, 20,000 names will be selected. But the winners won't find out they've made the cut right away. Judy Mohr Peterson is the Deputy Director of the program:

Judy Mohr Peterson: "So once we draw the names from the list, the we kind of sort through and make sure we have the correct address, that kind of thing, assemble the application packet. So from the point of time which we do the drawing to when we send it out, it's a little bit of a gap there."

So far, 25,000 Oregonians have joined the Health Plan through the lottery.

Ultimately, Oregon hopes to increase that number to 60,000.

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