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Oregon Higher Ed Board Reins In Tuition Increases

Tuition won’t be going up quite as much as Oregon university students might’ve been expecting — following a vote Friday by the state’s Board of Higher Education.

Members signed off on spending $15 million to cut tuition hikes. Lawmakers earmarked the money for that purpose in final budget bills approved this week. Tuition and fees are still going up for next year.

Oregon State University’s tuition is going up 2.2 percent – down from the 4.5 percent increase approved in June.

Emma Kallaway directs the Oregon Student Association.

“An increase in the Oregon University System budget related specifically to tuition is a statement in a significant way that tuition is too high, that tuition can not continue to increase the way that it has,” says Kallaway.

But Kallaway says lawmakers could’ve done more — and stopped any tuition increase — if they’d put a higher priority on universities.

Oregon’s interim chancellor Melody Rose says she’s hoping the tuition investment is “the beginning of a rebalance” between what the state will spend and what’s left to families.

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