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Oregon Home Buyers Face Shutdown Uncertainty

As the government shutdown lingers on, Oregonians are feeling the effects in many different ways—including in the housing market.

Julie Reading was almost done with the paperwork for her new home when she was furloughed. Reading is an administrative judge for the US Department of Agriculture in Portland.

“We were scheduled to close on October 14th but when I called my mortgage broker last week after the shutdown she stated I would not be eligible for the loan until I went back to work,” says Reading. “I’m trying to be patient and let the process play out but it’s hard being in limbo and not knowing what’s going to happen.”

Reading’s loan officer is hoping to find a workaround, but for now the loan process is uncertain. Local lenders say that other would-be homebuyers in Oregon also have loan paperwork in limbo for now, since the IRS is unavailable to confirm incomes during the shutdown. 

This story came to us via OPB’s Public Insight Network. Have you been affected by the shutdown? Share your experience through the Public Insight Network.

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