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Oregon Homeowners Face High Increases After First Claim

After an Oregonian makes a claim for a downed tree, burglary or roof repair, their homeowner insurance rate increases by an average 17 percent. The national average is nine percent.

Pete Springer/OPB

That’s according to a study put together by financial aggregator Laura Adams of it’s subsidiary,, said Oregon premiums are low to start with, so customers ought to ask some key questions to see whether it makes financial sense to make a claim.

“Part of it is certainly, what’s your deductible? What do you have to pay out of pocket before the insurance will actually kick-in?” she said. “Another part of this is, what’s the estimated claim amount? And then you also need to look at the previous number of claims that you’ve submitted.”

The highest rate increases are seen in states with low premiums to begin with like Minnesota, Connecticut and Maryland. The lowest are in states with higher premiums, like New York and Florida.

Click here to view a state-by-state comparison.

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