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Oregon Kindergarteners Face High Expectations

When parents drop off their five year-olds for their first day of kindergarten, it can be tearful, even traumatic. But this week, those first steps into the classroom will launch students on a path that state officials will be watching carefully. While attending a Labor Day picnic, Governor John Kitzhaber notes that this year’s kindergarteners are in the high-priority class of 2025.

“That’s the date we’ve set this aspirational goal for 100-percent high school graduation rate. So this is a class that I think is going to benefit enormously from our new educational changes, from our focus on early childhood investment. And I’m very, very excited about welcoming that class to the classroom, but also about what the future holds for them and for the state,” said Kitzhaber.

The 100-percent graduation rate by 2025 is often referred to as “40-40-20.” That means 40 percent of students are expected to go on to earn at least a four-year degree; 40-percent would get a two-year degree, and 20-percent would at least graduate high school.  

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