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Oregon Latino Rights Group Lays Out 2013 Goals

Oregon’s leading Latino rights organization is laying out its goals for the coming year. At the state level, CAUSA has been working to see undocumented workers qualify for Oregon drivers’ licenses and in-state college tuition. And the group is backing national immigration legislation.

President Obama has said he’ll be pushing bipartisan immigration reform this year.

CAUSA’s Executive Director Francisco Lopez says given the role Latino voters played in the November election, it’s not too soon to be looking ahead to the midterm Congressional elections of 2014.

“Nobody can have comfortable majorities in the House or the Senate at the federal level without the Latino vote. And that might also be the case at the state level here in Oregon,” says Lopez.

CAUSA is part of a national campaign called Keeping Families Together. Its goal is revised immigration laws so that families are not separated by deportations.

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