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Oregon Man Who Stripped At TSA Expects $1,000 Fine

An Oregon man who stripped naked during a security check at Portland International Airport says he expects the Transportation Security Administration to uphold its $1,000 fine at a hearing Tuesday.

John Brennan, of Portland, says that’s fine with him. He plans to appeal in federal court to force a review of the constitutionality of TSA searches and inspections.

Brennan told KATU he hopes it leads to more effective, non-invasive procedures.

He was fined for disrupting the screening process last year. Brennan says he was cooperative but stripped to show he wasn’t hiding anything after a screener reported finding traces of nitrates, which could indicate an explosive.

Video shows TSA workers surrounding Brennan with plastic crates after he bared it all.

He was acquitted of charges in county court.


Information from: KATU-TV,

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