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Oregon May Be Less Vulnerable To Federal Shutdown

As the government shutdown continues, economic repercussions are growing.

Some federal workers aren’t being paid and loans through the Small Business Administration aren’t being processed.

But a study by the personal finance web page, Wallet Hub finds Oregon may not be as vulnerable as some other states.

Analyst John Kiernan says the company looked at how many federal workers and veterans each state has per capita, and the per capita number of federal contract dollars.  It also factored in small business lending, Social Security payments and student aid applications.

He says Oregon ranked as the 31st most affected state.

“Oregon is in the bottom half of the states in terms of the shutdown,” he said.

“Oregon’s small businesses rank 10th in the country in terms of SBA loans they’ve taken out in recent years. Oregon is also in the top 25 in terms of Social Security payments per capita as well as Veterans per capita.”

The most affected states are Virginia, Alaska and Alabama.

The least affected are New York, Indiana and Iowa.

Wallet Hubs study’s metodology

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