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Oregon Will Not Suspend Operations At New Mega-Dairy

Cows at a dairy farm in Whatcom County, Washington.

Cows at a dairy farm in Whatcom County, Washington.

Eilís O’Neill, KUOW/EarthFix

State regulators have denied a request by multiple environmental and animal rights groups to suspend operations at Lost Valley Farm, the controversial new 30,000-cow dairy permitted earlier this year near Boardman.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture and Department of Environmental Quality are jointly responsible for administering Oregon’s confined animal feeding operation, or CAFO, program. The agencies issued a hotly contested water pollution permit for Lost Valley Farm on March 31, which became final on April 20.

Opponents of the dairy farm have filed what’s known as a petition for reconsideration, urging ODA and DEQ officials to change their minds. The coalition also asked for a stay of Lost Valley’s permit, which was rejected in a ruling handed down Friday, June 23.

“Petitioners have failed to provide any evidence of exactly what harms, if any, their members will sustain during the reconsideration period,” the ruling reads in part.

Read more at the East Oregonian.

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