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Oregon Minimum Wage Rises To $9.10 Per Hour

Oregon’s minimum wage will be more than $9 an hour next year. State officials announced a fifteen-cent increase on Tuesday.

When voters re-wrote Oregon’s minimum wage law in 2002, they tied increases to inflation. Over the last decade, it’s gone up about $2 an hour - an average bump of twenty cents a year.

California lawmakers have approved increasing their minimum wage by $2 over the next three years - to $10 an hour. In Seattle, advocates are pushing for a $15-an-hour minimum - which would be almost $6 an hour more than Washington state’s rate.

Oregon labor commissioner Brad Avakian says the new rate of $9.10 an hour will help working families. But he doesn’t support a bigger increase.

“I think that Oregon voters got it right, in the way that we do it - in tying it to the Consumer Price Index, so that it’s predictable both for employees and employers,” Avakian said.

The new rate takes effect January 1, 2014.

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