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Oregon Net Metering Policy Highlighted

Two renewable energy advocacy groups are highlighting Oregon for its net metering policy. Ryan Knutson reports.

Net metering is the policy that allows residents to earn credits for producing more electricity than they use— perhaps with a solar panel on the roof.

Oregon was one of just 10 states to receive an A in net metering policy. The ranking comes from the Network for New Energy Choices and Vote Solar.

James Rose is one of the study’s authors.   He says Oregon ranks high.

James Rose: “They allow large systems of up to two megawatts, which is a very large system that could power a big box store. They looked that solar could be used on a number of facilities, not just a customer’s house. And they also allow a lot of customers to use net metering.”

Rose says Oregon’s strong policies in that category made it a front-runner for the Golden Meter Award. 

It recognizes states that excel in renewable energy policy. The winner will be announced later this year.

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