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Memories Flow As Pendleton’s Oldest Store, JC Penney, Liquidates

Michelle Mizerka-Peters’ office is a Spartan affair, devoid of leather couches, plush carpet or any other hint of ostentatiousness. With yellowing tile floors and basic furniture, the biggest perk of the century-old office is an expansive, birds-eye view of the general manager’s domain — the sprawling main floor of the Pendleton J.C. Penney store — through a wide, glass-free window.

These days, the view is a bit jarring.

On a recent day, she looked down at a dozen-or-so customers who roamed the floor. Above the browsing patrons hung bright going-out-of-business signs.

“Nothing Held Back. Everything Must Go. Store Closing.”

Read more at The East Oregonian.

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