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Pendleton Round-Up Lassos New Property

Like the pioneering spirit the rodeo has promoted since its conception, the Pendleton Round-Up is expanding westward.

The Pendleton Round-Up arena in Pendleton, Oregon

The Pendleton Round-Up arena in Pendleton, Oregon

E. J. Harris/East Oregonian

In the last two months, the Round-Up Association has purchased three properties on the western edge of much of its current holdings and the famed Round-Up Grounds.

On Sept. 19, just days after the 2017 rodeo concluded, the Round-Up Association bought a 36,142 square-foot commercial property at 125 S.W. 18th St. that houses the Frontier Tavern for $325,000, according to Umatilla County records. Two weeks prior, on Sept. 6, the association completed the purchase of a 4,791 square-foot residential property at 1821 S.W. Byers Ave. The group later purchased a second residential property at 18 S.W. 18th Street on Sept. 28 for $85,000 — more than twice the real market value. The purchases add to the host of properties the nonprofit organization owns in that area.

The acquisitions represent the first expansion the association has made since 2011 and adds to their considerable catalog of land.

Read the full article at The East Oregonian.

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