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Oregon Pot Initiative To Start Gathering Signatures

The Oregon Secretary of State approved a petition that would decrminalize pot, if it gathers enough signatures – and votes – from Oregonians.

Editor's Note

The original version of this script misstated the date of the passage of Oregon's medical marijuana law. It has been changed to the correct date. OPB regrets the error.

Oregonians rejected a sweeping marijuana legalization law more than 20 years ago, but voters approved pot-as-medicine in 1998.

Under an initiative just approved for signature gathering, Oregon could allow the cultivation and use of pot, under a system of state permits. The initiative would also create state-run stores where marijuana would be sold to adults, in part to generate revenue for Oregon's general fund.

Supporters need to collect more than 82,000 signatures by July 2nd, to get on the November ballot.

It's not the only pot law aiming for that election.

Many Oregonians already can legally possess medical marijuana. But that program would change under a proposed initiative called the “Regulated Medical Marijuana Supply System.”

The measure aims to increase the amount of pot that medical growers can have, among other changes.

That campaign has already handed in more than 70,000 unverified signatures.

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