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Oregon Public Education Leaders May Face New Achievement Targets

Oregon public education leaders may face a new set of achievement targets, under recommendations discussed today  at the state Education Investment Board.

The new achievement compacts would focus on two measures: high school completion and 3rd grade reading.

Yvonne Curtis is Forest Grove’s superintendent and a member of the investment board.  She said, “it’s brilliant to focus on the 3rd grade reading, because there’s so much that rolls up into that.”

When the state first tried to set goals with school districts through these compacts, state leaders criticized the school districts’ low targets. District officials said what the state wanted was too confusing and burdensome. 

Yvonne Curtis said the new compacts offer a welcome change: “This gives us an opportunity to really have the conversation focused around ‘what are the practices that are going to get us there, how will we hold ourselves accountable, what will we look like.’”

The board is also working with the higher education leaders to develop report cards for public universities and community colleges.

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