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Oregon Researchers Study Behavior, Attention Of Preschoolers

Researchers from two Oregon universities say they’ve found some encouraging results about improving the behavior and attention spans of preschoolers.

They conducted a two month study of Lane County Head Start preschoolers and their parents.

Families participating in the study were trained to use praise to encourage kids to pay better attention. Parents were also asked to develop consistent routines at home to reduce children’s stress levels.

Researchers tested for changes in the children’s brain function by measuring their brain waves, using a cap with electrodes.

Children whose families were participating in the student showed improvements in nonverbal I-Q and language skills.  They also had lower stress levels and measureable improvements in all-around behavior.

But researchers tell the Statesman Journal that they don’t know whether and for how long the children’s gains in attention, behavior and brain function will last.

Head Start Willamette University University of Oregon

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