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Oregon Schools Falling Short Of Goals

Oregon schools continue to fall short of their goals for teaching English to foreign-language speaking students. Rob Manning has more on the report out Monday.

The two-thirds of Oregon school districts with substantial populations of students learning English are supposed to hit certain performance targets. The targets are aimed at improving English proficiency to the point that kids no longer need the system of language supports.

Only 19 relatively small Oregon districts met all the targets. More than 100 districts – and all of the state’s large, diverse ones – fell short on at least one measure.

Districts had the hardest time with the requirement that at least 57 percent of students learning English advance at least one level of proficiency per year. 80 districts missed that standard – including the state’s biggest districts – Portland, Beaverton, and Salem-Keizer.

In recent years, Oregon has struggled to keep up with rising targets for English Language Learners. But this year, the state’s results actually fell backwards on some measures.

The state’s deputy superintendent, Rob Saxton, says the report sends a clear message: “we need to change how we do business at every level.”

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