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After Being Hacked, Ore. Secretary Of State Webpage Closed Indefinitely

The Oregon Secretary of State’s office can’t say when it’ll have its website up and running again.

The agency is going through each of its databases to figure out which were compromised and which weren’t.  It took a number of databases off-line after routine monitoring found someone had hacked into them late Tuesday night.

The agency has taken down the state’s Central Business Registry, where Oregon companies register.  And the ORESTAR database is down.  That’s the state’s online campaign finance reporting system.

Spokesman Tony Green said law enforcement has been called in to investigate.

“We don’t know whether this is just an act of malicious mischief, or whether there’s some other purpose that we haven’t been able yet to determine,” he said.

Green said the state’s Centralized Voter Registry is on a separate set of servers and was not affected.  It contains the personal information of more than 2 million Oregonians.

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