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Oregon State University Athletics Threaten Sports Cuts

Oregon State Beavers athletic director Bob De Carolis says the economy has put them on defense.

This week, in a letter to donors, De Carolis says worst-case cutbacks in Corvallis could mean the loss of some sports teams.

Ethan Lindsey reports.

In his update, OSU’s De Carolis says the recession will affect Beavers’ sports.

For one thing, the sports department received $2.5 million in general fund money from the school’s overall budget.

And that athletics funding will likely be cut now. At the same time, the athletics department has seen a drop of 4 percent in donations in the recession.

Oregon State sports supporters contacted by OPB said they didn’t want to speak on the record – they didn’t want to rank the importance of one sports team over another.

Still, Beaver sports chief De Carolis says only four high-profile sports, such as football, are guaranteed to be protected.

But insiders say most other teams are likely safe as well, including baseball with its new stadium and two national championships.

Other schools, such as Cincinnati and New Mexico have also announced athletic department cutbacks due to the economy.

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