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Steelhead Runs Plummet To Historically Low Levels On Santiam, Willamette

It’s been a historically bad year for one of Oregon’s most beloved fish on the Santiam and Willamette river systems.

Steelhead, both native and hatchery-raised, are returning in the lowest numbers since fish counts began in the 1970s, fisheries managers said.

“The steelhead run has basically crashed,” said Dave Carpenter, a fishing guide on the North Santiam River. “We’ve seen ups and downs over the years, as you do any place. But this is the first year we’ve seen such a dramatic drop. We’ve never seen anything even close to this bad.”

In an average year, about 5,600 wild winter steelhead are counted crossing Willamette Falls. This year, it was around 800.

Read more at The Statesman Journal.

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