Aerial photo during construction of Lost Valley Farms in 2016. 

Aerial photo during construction of Lost Valley Farms in 2016. 

Paloma Ayala, with aerial support from LightHawk

Oregon’s newest mega-dairy has repeatedly endangered nearby drinking water by violating environmental laws and should be shut down immediately, the state alleges in a lawsuit.

Lost Valley Farm opened in April 2017 near Boardman along the Columbia River in north central Oregon to supply the Tillamook County Creamery Association, which makes Tillamook Cheese.

Its wastewater permit allows up to 30,000 animals and 187 million gallons of manure per year.

Regulators approved the dairy despite objections from about 4,000 people and a dozen state and national health and environment organizations raising concerns about air and water pollution, water use and health impacts on nearby communities.

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