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Term Limits Would Remove 25 Oregon Lawmakers From Office

Voter approval of a proposal to enact term limits for state lawmakers would instantly wipe out nearly one-third of the Oregon Legislature membership, according to analysis by a lawyer for SEIU Oregon State Council.

Harry B. Wilson, SEIU’s counsel, submitted the analysis on behalf of Matt Swanson, SEIU state council executive director, Monday, July 10, to weigh on Initiative Petition 19 for the “Maintain a Citizen Legislature Act.”

The act, proposed by former GOP gubernatorial nominee Bud Pierce, would prohibit state legislators from serving for more than eight years in a 12-year period. If approved for the ballot and passed by voters in 2018, the act would take effect immediately and apply retroactively. That means incumbents with more than eight years in office who were reelected in 2018 would instantly lose their positions.

“Immediately prohibiting 25 members of the Oregon Legislature from serving out their terms could have profound consequences,” Wilson wrote.

Read more at the Portland Tribune.

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