Visitors enjoy the Oregon Brewers Festival

Visitors enjoy the Oregon Brewers Festival

Torsten Kjellstrand/

Oregon’s tourism industry is growing at 14 percent, but a fair slice of that growth relies on one country — and it’s having problems.

Last year, the largest number of overseas visitors to Oregon came from Japan, the U.K. and China. In that order.

Todd Davidson with Travel Oregon said this year things are different.

“China eclipsed both Japan and the U.K. to become our No. 1 market and they’re continuing to do that at the rate of about 20-plus percent, year-over-year growth,” Davidson said.

But that growth is slowing and global stock markets are reacting to China’s financial problems.

Still Davidson is not too concerned.

“Even though they’re talking about slower growth in China, it’s still 7 percent GDP growth,” he said. “You’ll have this continuously emerging middle class and these are folks that have a pent-up demand for travel.”

Davidson pointed out that China’s population is 1.4 billion — that’s about 4 Chinese people for every American.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect correct math.