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Oregon Voter Registration At Record Level

The deadline to register for the May 20th primary election is almost three weeks away.  But already voter registration has set an all-time record.
Bilal Qureshi has more.

Almost two million Oregonians have registered to vote in next month’s primary.

Most of the new voters registered as Democrats.  

Scott Moore is with the Secretary of State’s office.

Moore: "All of the excitement that people are seeing on television, when they go to the rallies, and when they talk about the campaigns with their friends… I think that is going to translate into increased voter registration, increased activity on the part of voter."

The historic contest between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has put Oregon’s Democratic primary in the national spotlight, even though it’s so late.

Both Obama and Clinton have held big rallies in the state.

The last day to register for the Oregon primary is April 29th.

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