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Oregon Voters Face Local Issues In Tuesday Election

Oregon voters will decide more than 60 ballot measures worth more than a billion dollars in the special election this week.

It’s an off-year election, so there aren’t any congressional or legislative primaries. There are local races. And tax measures are on the ballot in more than two-thirds of Oregon’s 36 counties.

About 20 school districts have property tax measures on the ballot — either to pay teacher salaries, or to fund facilities. Oregon’s biggest district, Portland Public, has one measure for each.

Eugene-area voters are considering whether to establish a local income tax to assist the city’s two school districts.

Local fire districts, parks, museums, libraries, and police departments are seeking tax support, as well.

A few policy measures will be decided. Two of Oregon’s newest cities — La Pine and Damascus — have official guiding documents on the ballot.

The election deadline is Tuesday at 8 PM. If you haven’t voted yet, your ballot should go into a county drop site rather than a mailbox.

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